Cross-listed Sections for Selected Term by Department

Jason Madden from Black Hawk College shared a report displaying only cross-listed sections for the selected term and selected department(s) that are grouped by department.

Download this report for a perfect summary of the sections that are cross-listed in Astra Schedule.

Thank you for your contribution, Jason - and for letting us brag about you! 



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  • Jason Madden thank you for sharing the first Crystal report with users! 

  • Giving Due Credit, I had started with a standard report for Invalid Cross-listed Sections for a single selected term.  I took a bulldozer approach to removing formula for checking if cross-listings matched Campus, Bldg, Room along with checks for same Start-End Dates, Start-End Times, and DaysMet. 

    Alex Prutsman helped a bunch by adding tables to connect Sections with Departments for filtering and sorting in this report.  As well, Alex helped create a version with just the RoomCheck formula disabled as the majority of our (college credit) cross-listings are for sections that are taught via video conferencing at multiple rooms across our campuses.  While, Adult-Ed dept. (non-credit) has different usage of cross-listings.  Filtering by Department(s) would not have happened without Alex's help. 

    Additionally, this shared report allows multiple terms and multiple departments to be selected.
    Results are grouped first by Department then Term (if you select multiple terms) , such to make it easy to track what was cross-listing for a single dept. over several years.   
    Section's meeting type and delivery method are displayed after Subject Code - Course# - Section#.
    Default Room Capacity is displayed after the Bldg Code and Room# with Enrollment in the display row to think about room utilization with these cross-listed sections.
    Instructor Name was also considered for display, but would not fit in Portrait format. 

    I hope this is helpful for others as scheduling cross-listed sections is a manual process before running room assignment optimization for us.
    Best regards, Jason 

  • I downloaded the report, but there are no instructions on how to make it run.

  • Hello Tom,

    It is kinda assumed that after downloading (and any customization in Crystal Reports) that you upload it into your Astra Schedule site as a custom report.  I think there is other Report articles for how to upload.

    This should hep ... Best regards, Jason  


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