Room Utilization Analysis Report


The Room Utilization Analysis report displays the findings of the Capacity Analysis as it relates to room utilization within your institution’s prime week, standard week, and any other parameter subset included in the capacity analysis parameters.

There are many ways to filter and slice the data to see how rooms are being used on a high level for the entire institution using several sorting options and a more granular level in places using drill-in capabilities.

The use of this report requires a manual push to run a capacity analysis and will have no results until the analysis is run. 



Once you have requested a capacity analysis service and it is completed, you can access the Room Utilization Analysis reports from the Capacity Analysis Report in the Report App by clicking the "Room Utilization Analysis" button. 




The filters will inherit those from the initial Capacity Analysis Report but can be modified independently. The default selection for your institution's main campus and classroom/lecture room type will be pre-selected upon opening the report, but you can turn this off. 

To manipulate the selection further you can update the filters to "Include All" or both true and false values. This will allow the dependent filters to include all possible values to be available for selection.

  • Capacity Analysis Name (only one can be selected at one time)
  • Room Code
  • Default Selection
  • Room Type
  • Campus
  • Room Size Category
  • Alternate Campus (PeopleSoft only)
  • Room Capacity
  • Building



Top Level Metrics

The top set of widgets are dials that represent the top level metrics the Capacity Analysis calculates. As filtering is applied to this report, the widgets will change to reflect the metrics for the filtered set only.


For more information on how Standard Week Utilization, Prime Week Utilization, Prime Compression, and Prime Ratio are calculated, click the grey bar at the top of the screen to toggle to the definitions view.



Utilization By Room Type, Campus, Building, and Day of Week Widget

The Utilization bar graph shows room utilization broken up by Prime and Standard Week in a variety of categories.


Widget Functionality

  • Right-click anywhere on the graph and the category on which the utilization is grouped will change.
    • Room Type
    • Campus
    • Alt  Campus
    • Building
    • Day of Week
  • Left-click on the desired bar on the bar graph and the entire report will filter to the selected bar. The filter on the right side filter panel will indicate the filters selected.
  • To clear the filter selection, either adjust the filter on the right panel or click ‘clear selection’ on the top right of the widget.


Average Weekly Utilization by Campus, Room Type, and Size Widget

This chart shows room utilization broken down by campus, room type, and size. Clicking the hyperlinked values allows drill-in capability to see further into the selected row. You will see the utilization for each room that applies to the campus, room type, and size category.


Include Non-Standard Subsets 

If the parameters used for the Capacity Analysis include subsets that are not Prime and Standard week, the results of these non-standard subsets will appear in this widget in the same format as above. If a non-standard subset is not used, this widget will show no results.


Capacity Analysis Parameters Widget

This chart displays the parameters used for the Capacity Analysis. The capacity analysis can auto-calculate these parameters or the parameters can be passed in. This widget allows for analysis of the parameters to ensure they are correct. If they are incorrect, a corrected parameter set can be sent in to update the analysis.


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