Invalid Advanced Filters

Not all filters are applicable between the application views. For example, in Align you can filter by ’SectionsNeeded’ but ’SectionsNeeded’ is not an available filter for Monitor. In this instance, if you create and save a filter for ’SectionsNeeded' and switch to Monitor the saved filter for ’SectionsNeeded’ is invalid and will not show in the quick filters list. 'Quick Filters' will only show filters that are valid for the current view.

When navigating between applications, your browser will remember the last valid filter used for that application. For instance, if you have a 'Term' and 'Subject' filter in Monitor and switch over to Align, Align will have remembered the last valid filter used for Align (if applicable). Navigating back to Monitor, you will see the 'Term' and 'Subject' filter again.

Another example of an invalid filter that could happen within Monitor. On the ‘Analyze' tab in Monitor, filter queries are limited to ‘Subject' and ‘Term’. If you navigate to the 'Analyze’ tab it will only show applicable filters in the 'Quick Filter' list. An example would be a filter loaded that uses ‘Campus’ will work on the ‘Courses’ tab but switching to the ‘Analyze' tab, the filter would be invalid and not appear in the ‘Quick Filter’ list.

When editing or constructing a filter, it is possible to introduce a typing error. When a query cannot be validated, a red line appears around the query and no results will be shown on the list.

If you need further help creating a query, please submit a support ticket so one of our Support team members can assist you.

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