Sharing Advanced Filters

Once you have saved a filter, you can share it with other Ad Astra users in your institution. 

What does it mean to share a filter?
When you share a filter with another user, they will automatically see the filter in their Quick Filters menu under the ’Shared with Me’ header.
What if I don’t want a filter someone has shared with me?
There are two options:

  • Delete the filter: permanently removes the filter from your list and visibility. In order to see the filter again, you would need to request the owner to share it with you.
  • Hide the filter: removes the visibility from the Quick Filter list, but doesn't remove your access. You can choose to show the filter again. 
Can I make changes to a filter once it is shared?
Filter owners (there is only one owner per filter) can make changes to a shared filter. The changes will automatically be pushed to the people you’ve shared it with, including deleting. If you do not want them to get the changes: load the filter, click Save, and give your new filter a different name without sharing it.
What if I want to make edits to a filter that has been shared with me?
Select the filter from the Quick Filter list, click the filter edit mode icon (indicated by a blue dot) and edit the query. Once you save and give the filter a name, you will become the owner of the new filter.


I created a filter and it once worked, but now it’s not working.
Not all filter queries will be applicable between applications. For example, a filter query that works on the Courses tab in Monitor may not be applicable to the Analyze tab and would return no results. Check your query again to see if changing the field or operator returns results.  

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