What is Enrollment Health?

Enrollment Health is a tool to understand the expected number of students moving through your programs. It is also important to understand additional aspects of student preference while examining Enrollment Health, such as campus and modality.

Once you understand Enrollment Health, you can pinpoint how programs are fragmented and uncover opportunities to manage the tradeoff between variety and sustainability. 

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How does Ad Astra calculate Enrollment Health?

To calculate Enrollment Health for a pathway, we need two numbers: the number of Terms per pathway and the number of Students per pathway. We then divide the number of Students across the number of Terms to get an estimate of students at any point along the pathway.

Example: a pathway with 128 assigned students that is 4 years (8 terms) long will have an Enrollment Health of 16.

We calculate the Number of Terms by dividing the total required credits in a pathway by 15.

Example: a Pathway with 60 required credits will be counted as 4 terms.


Campus Cohort Enrollment Health

When planning where a pathway should be offered, students' campus preferences are important to take into account. If your institution has campuses that students do not use interchangeably, then the enrollment is split between these campuses. Understanding Enrollment Health across campuses can help you manage sustainability in pathway access. 


Enrollment Health Across Campuses

The same Enrollment Health calculation is used above but split the pathway’s students across their preferred campuses.

Example: an institution with 2 Campuses (A & B), with a 4 year (8 terms) pathway with 128 assigned students. Campus A has 10 students and Campus B has 118 students. 

  Campus A Campus B
Assigned Students 10 118
Number of Terms in pathway 8 8
Enrollment Health for 4 year (8 terms) pathway 1.3 14.8


How to interpret Enrollment Health 

Enrollment Health is a warning signal when the sustainability of a pathway offering is at risk. If a Pathway has an Enrollment Health of 1, then there is only an estimated 1 seat needed for courses in that pathway.

However, more research is required to fully understand the sustainability of a pathway offering. If all of the pathway’s courses are shared with other similar pathways, for example, the risk is lowered. This course sharing is most easily seen in institution-wide requirements where many pathways share the same course.

You can learn more about these types of insights in Pathway Health.

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