Student Associations

The Student Associations tab will show how students will be linked to the Pathway being viewed. The program, major, and/or concentration student attributes are used to match students up with their respective Pathways. 



One or more combinations of program, major, or concentration may be entered for a Pathway to include various groups of students as applicable. From this page, you can add a new combination, edit the existing combination, or delete one entirely. 

The student count will be updated as changes are made.

Click the "Student Count" link to the left to see the list of students.



Duplicated Associations

Students are associated with their respective Pathways based upon their program, major, and/or concentration. These association elements are configured for each Pathway. If more than one Pathway has the exact same configuration, the system cannot accurately determine which Pathway is appropriate. 



Unassociated Students

There may be cases where there are Unassociated Students that should be folded in with the Pathway you are viewing. In that case, you can use the Unassociated Students button to find the group of students, click on the student link on the left, and save their program info to the Pathway to include them in the count.





Adding Associations

You can add an association by clicking the button on the upper right side and entering the Program, Major, and Concentration. 


In the More Options menu, you can also clone or delete the Pathway. 

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