Adding Pathways

You can add a new pathway one of two ways. 

  • Create a new pathway.

  • Clone an existing pathway when you drill into the Pathway details to create one similar to another. Instructions in the Cloning Pathways section.


Creating New Pathways

  1. If you would prefer to create a new pathway from scratch, click the "Add Pathway" button on the upper right side while viewing the list of pathways. Enter a name and select a term from the list to represent the effective catalog term.


  2. Once the new Pathway is created, continue with the Add Pathway Rule button to specify the courses and/or course groups needed to satisfy the requirements of the pathway to establish the rule.


  3. Enter the Credit Hours and select Courses and Course Groups.



Cloning Pathways

  1. To clone an existing Pathway, open the pathway and use the "More Options" icon in the upper right corner and select "Clone Pathway Version".


  2. Enter a new name and select a term from the list. The combination of name and term must be unique.
    • To add a new effective catalog term version to the current pathway:
      Check the “Use current pathway name” box to autofill the current pathway. Cloned pathway version will add a new version to the current pathway with an updated effective catalog term. Once created, it will show up as a new version on the pathway and can be edited normally.
    • To create a new pathway that is similar to the current pathway with a single version cloned from this one:
      Enter a new unique pathway name.
    • To add a new effective catalog term version to a different pathway that is similar to current:
      Enter an existing pathway name that is not the current one.


  3. After saving, you can use the editing tools to make the applicable changes to your new pathway.

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