2021 Astra Schedule Release Notes

Release 8.9.3  (2-22-2021)


Integration has been enhanced to handle the removal of cross-lists from sections. Once clients remove sections from a cross-list in their Student Information System and complete a batch import into Astra Schedule, these sections will no longer be cross-listed in the application.

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  • Warm Greetings Melody,
    Does the converse of this break-fix enhancement hold true that if sections had already been imported from SIS (Banner) as having a cross-listing, then if we removed or modified the cross-listing in our SIS, then the following section import job(s) would not update or remove the previous cross-listing for those sections.
    Perhaps, is there a particular Product Feedback thread on this topic?

    Best regards, Jason

  • Hello Jason!

    That is a great question! I am going to get you someone on the Support team that can answer those questions for you. 


  • Hi Jason, that is correct and what this new version corrects.

  • Is this update with cross-listed courses the only enhancement included in this release?


  • Hi Kelly,

    That is correct!  This release focused on updating Astra Schedule after the removal of cross-list information in the SIS on a section record.  You may want to discuss with your CSC if this release is right for your institution.


  • This Update AS 8.9.3 helped our institution
    ... our college credit programs does not use cross-listed course much,
    but our Outreach/GED programs utilize cross-listing frequently 

    I wish there was more product enhancements for Astra Schedule like with Delivery Method which has been improved in Astra Apps ...



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