2021 Astra Schedule Release Notes

Release 8.9.3  (2-22-2021)


Integration has been enhanced to handle the removal of cross-lists from sections. Once clients remove sections from a cross-list in their Student Information System and complete a batch import into Astra Schedule, these sections will no longer be cross-listed in the application.

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  • Warm Greetings Melody,
    Does the converse of this break-fix enhancement hold true that if sections had already been imported from SIS (Banner) as having a cross-listing, then if we removed or modified the cross-listing in our SIS, then the following section import job(s) would not update or remove the previous cross-listing for those sections.
    Perhaps, is there a particular Product Feedback thread on this topic?

    Best regards, Jason

  • Hello Jason!

    That is a great question! I am going to get you someone on the Support team that can answer those questions for you. 


  • Hi Jason, that is correct and what this new version corrects.

  • Is this update with cross-listed courses the only enhancement included in this release?


  • Hi Kelly,

    That is correct!  This release focused on updating Astra Schedule after the removal of cross-list information in the SIS on a section record.  You may want to discuss with your CSC if this release is right for your institution.


  • This Update AS 8.9.3 helped our institution
    ... our college credit programs does not use cross-listed course much,
    but our Outreach/GED programs utilize cross-listing frequently 

    I wish there was more product enhancements for Astra Schedule like with Delivery Method which has been improved in Astra Apps ...


  • We just upgraded to this version- I had read these release notes, but didn't understand that this means that sections we cross-list in Ad Astra (that we can't cross-list in our SIS because they're not actual cross-lists, they're just sections that meet together for various reasons) would be wiped out after the after the next import from our SIS. This was a way for us to note in Ad Astra which double-bookings were deliberate, and to assign rooms to all such sections for both the term and the final exam schedule. I'm really disappointed that we've lost our ability to do that with this upgrade. It's going to create extra work at times of the year when we are already very busy, and make it harder for us to identify double-bookings that are not deliberate. I can't really understand why this ability to cross-list within Ad Astra was removed. We can't be the only institution to have sections meet together without being technically cross-listed, so I wonder what those institutions are doing. I'm very disappointed that we can no longer use this process that was working well for us. Without it, our work significantly increases. Please advise. 


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