Completion Track Analysis by Campus Report


The Completion Track Analysis by Campus report is located in the Ad Astra Report app under the Enrollment Health folder.

Top Metrics

The top metrics describe your institution and the values are representative of the filters applied to the right. If you feel these numbers are inaccurate, the first place to check is the applied filters. 

  • Number of students and defined Pathways represented in the report
  • Number of campuses at your institution
  • The average length of your Pathways in Terms


Student Headcount

DIsplays the number of students represented in the report.

Campus Fragments per Pathway

The "Campus Fragments per Pathway" is a calculated field that represents the average number of campuses you’re offering the Pathway. You can read the Pathway Analysis article to learn more about Campus Fragments.  

For example, an institution has 3 Pathways and 4 Campuses. If they offer their most popular Pathway in all 4 Campuses but only offer their 2 specialized Pathways at one Campus, then the institution has 6 total Campus Fragments but 2 Campus Fragments per Pathway.

Average Terms per Pathway

DIsplays the average terms needed to complete Pathway.


Average Students per Pathway Widget

The Average Students per Pathway Widget explores the students represented in your Pathways.

On the left is the average number of students across each Pathway, further broken down by the average students per campus fragment. On the right, we break out the individual Pathways in a bar chart to help visualize the relative strength of a Pathway.

The same institution from above (3 Pathways, 4 Campuses) that has 100 students would have 33 Average Students per Pathway but would have an Average Students per Campus Fragment of 16.



Average Enrollment Health per Pathway Widget

The Average Enrollment Health per Pathway Widget communicates the idea of Enrollment Health. Enrollment Health answers the question of the expected number of students moving through the Pathway. We divide the students in a Pathway by the expected time (terms) it takes to complete the Pathway. This should give us an estimation of the number of students working towards a Pathway at any point along the Pathway. This is important because students at different points along a Pathway will likely be working towards different requirements and should be assumed to be taking different courses. 

The same institutions from above (3 Pathways, 4 Campuses, 100 students) have designed the Pathways to be completed in 4 terms. This institution would have an Average Enrollment Health per Pathway of 8 and an Average Enrollment Health per Campus Fragment of 4.


The Pathways with the most Students may not have the highest Enrollment Health depending on the difference in terms between the pathways


Average Enrollment Health by Campus Widget

The Average Enrollment Health by Campus widget is a graph that displays the Enrollment Health comparison between the different Campuses. This can be used to highlight relative strength between your different Campuses.



Pathways Table

At the bottom of the report is the individual Pathway data that you can export to a CSV if you’d like to transform the data yourself.


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