Pathways Tab

The Pathways tab displays a list of all Pathways in the system, as well as the Duplicated Associations and Unassociated Students. Each Pathway listed includes the Pathway name, Pathway ID, and the number of students that were last associated with each Pathway. The Pathway list can be searched and also exported using the icon on the right side.

The "Show All" button toggles the list view back and forth between showing all catalog versions of pathways and collapsing them into a single row per pathway name. When collapsed, the student count includes all versions. 



Duplicated Associations

Clicking on the Duplicated Associations button will open the list of Pathways with duplicated configuration.

Students are associated with their respective Pathways based upon their program, major, and/or concentration. These association elements are configured for each Pathway. If more than one Pathway has the exact same configuration, the system cannot accurately determine which Pathway is appropriate. The Duplicated Associations feature highlights these conflicts in the configuration.



Unassociated Students

Clicking on the Unassociated Students button will open a breakdown of this number by program/major/concentration. Using this information, you can make sure to create or edit Pathways to include as many students as possible.

Students that are not associated with a Pathway are not creating any demand for courses, which impacts Predict’s ability to forecast future course needs. The Unassociated Students feature shows the number of students that are not getting a Pathway.



Pathways Details

Clicking on the name of a Pathway on the Pathway tab will open the Pathway's details. The Pathway details include the name and description of the Pathway, the effective term, and the sequenced list of courses and/or groups required to complete the Pathway (also known as the rules). The calculated total credits to complete the Pathway (based on the "credit hours" specified per row) is included in the Credit Hours column header.  

The Pathway Term Definition article describes provides a glossary of terms. 



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