Pathways Definitions

Represents the order in which it is recommended that course selections be made.
Pathway Course
Indicates a specific course (subject/course combination) specified in the Pathway. A single course entry for a sequence indicates a Pathway requirement. This may be because the specific course is required by the program, or it may be that there are choices technically supported, but the institution desires to steer students on a given Pathway into a certain option.
Multiple courses in a single sequence represent an "OR" condition. This is another way (in addition to course group) to indicate course choice. For example, two courses with sequence 1 would mean "for your 1st course selection, choose one of these two courses".
Pathway Course Group
Indicates the name of a group of courses (Course Group) from which a selection should be made when choosing a course for this point in the Pathway. Course Groups must be defined in the system prior to being used in a Pathway definition.
Credit Hours
This field represents, generally, the number of hours of progress expected to be made when completing a given sequence in the Pathway. The total of this column is calculated and displayed as part of the "Credit Hours" label at the top of the Pathway page. This value is provided as validation to help ensure that enough rows have been created to fulfill the hours requirement for the program. It is NOT connected directly to the hours of a specific course but is used when forecasting students' upcoming courses to ensure they are getting an ideal course load.
Alternate Course / Alternate Course Group
"Alternate" courses and groups in Pathways indicate options that will satisfy a Pathway course choice if encountered in a student's academic history. The key difference here is that only non-alternate courses/groups drive demand for course offerings, and "Alternate" courses/groups allow for other options that a student may have already taken to satisfy a given sequence row in a Pathway. After applying academic history to Pathways, the system will not make section recommendations for "Alternates" but will count courses as satisfied by them.
For example, if the Pathway includes a required course of ENG 110, but students that have already taken ENG 120 do not need to take it, then ENG 120 can be entered as an Alternate.

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