Section Additions Details Drill-in Dashboard


The Section Additions Details drill-in dashboard is accessed through the button on the Schedule Change Tracking dashboard. It opens in a new browser tab so the origin dashboard is undisturbed. All filtering from the origin dashboard is applied but also allows for additional manipulation while interacting with the dashboard.

The drill-in dashboard shows detailed information about sections that were added during the period in question from the origin dashboard.


The filters match Schedule Change Tracking and manipulating these filters in the drill-in will NOT affect the filtering on the main Schedule Change Tracking page.


Sections Added and Enrollment in Added Sections Widgets

The Sections Added and Enrollment in Added Sections widget are high-level aggregation displays. They will change depending on the filtering selected.



Enrollment by Section Add Date Widget

The Enrollment by Section Add Date widget is a horizontal bar chart that shows the total sections added by date and shows the current enrollment of the added sections.


Widget Interaction

  • Left-Click
    • Clicking on any spot will change the ‘snapshot date range’ to the one day selected. This will affect all other widgets on the dashboard and alter the ‘snapshot date range’ filter.
    • To unselect an offset day, click on the ‘clear selection’ icon in the widget heading.
  • Slider Bar
    • The bar below the bar graph is a good way to zone in on a group that has a lot of items in a category.
    • Click and drag the window to move the whole window while retaining its size.
    • Drag the right and left bars on either side of the grey window to zoom in.
  • Category Bar
    • The bottom category bar will turn on or off the Current Enrollment or Number of Sections Added displays. This will not affect any other widget.


Section Addition Overview by Term Widget

The Section Addition Overview by Term widget is a pivot chart that shows a graph representation of each snapshot day in a term, how many sections were added, and other details. It includes a grand total row for the entire term. The grand total will also depend on the filter selected. If there is no filtering, the grand total will be for the entire term. 



Section Addition Details by Course

The Section Addition Details by Course widget is a pivot chart that shows every course’s associated sections in a term. It will show each date a section is added, the census enrollment (if configured), and the max enrollment for each section.


Widget Interaction

  • Clicking on any link will bring up the snapshot details for the section selected.
  • Filtering from the dashboard will also apply in the section details drill-in.
  • Further filtering will apply based on what value was selected on the drill-in.
  • To leave the drill-in, click anywhere off the visual to return to the Historical Snapshot Comparison dashboard.


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