Course Capacity Deviation Report


You can access the Course Capacity Deviation report from the Schedule Refinement/Course Offerings folder in the Report App.  The report shows how course caps vary across courses or course offerings to identify scheduling inconsistencies and accessibility.


Filters default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Years (default: past 5 years)
  • Seats
  • Term (default: all terms occurring in the past 5 years)
  • Subject
  • Campus
  • Division
  • Meeting Type
  • College
  • Instructional Method
  • Department


Standard Deviation of Seats Widget

The Standard Deviation of Seats widget is a bar chart that shows the standard deviation of seats offered to highlight large differences between categories. The visual defaults to campus, but can be changed to other category groups:

  • Subject
  • College
  • Department
  • Division
  • Instructional Methos


Widget Interaction

  • Left-clicking
    • Any section of the bar graph will change all other widgets in the report to filter to the selected bar.
    • It will automatically add the filter to the left pane filter panel.
    • To unselect a bar, select the bar again. The left pane filter will clear out and the widgets will return to default.
    • To change filters on the same category, click on an underemphasized bar and the filter and widgets will change to your new selection.
  • Slider Bar
    • The bar below the bar graph is a good way to zone in on a group that has a lot of items in a category.
    • Click and drag the window to move the whole window while retaining its size.
    • Drag the right and left bars on either side of the grey window to zoom in.
  • Right-click on any bar to get the category menu:


  • If no filters are selected, the category will change for all. No other widgets will be affected by this change.
  • If there are filters selected, changing categories will only show categories that appear within the filter. Ex. Selecting a specific campus, then selecting the college category will only show colleges within the previously selected campus.


Course Capacity Deviation Widget

The Course Capacity Deviation Widget is a pivot table that shows the course and campus-level aggregated metrics, such as the number of sections offered, enrollment, total seats, etc.


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