Student Registration by Pathway Details Drill-in


You can access the Student Registration by Pathway Details drill-in through the Pathway Course Fill report. On the "Course Fill Within Pathways" widget, click any value to open the drill-in. 

The drill-in shows student registrations that are associated with a pathway and term selected in the Course Fill within Pathways widget. Click anywhere outside the drill-in to return to the Pathway Course Fill report.



Filters match those in the Pathway Course Fill report. Manipulating these filters in the drill-in will NOT affect the filtering on the Pathway Course Fill report.


Student Registrations by Pathway Table

The Student Registration by Pathway table shows an aggregation of student registrations for each pathway in which the course appears. It automatically filters to the course clicked on from the Course Fill Within Pathways widget that 


Table Interactions

  • Clicking on any hyperlinked item will navigate to Student Course Taking.
  • The selection will filter the Student Course Taking widget to the selected term and pathway.


Registrations: Number of students associated with the pathway registered for the selected course
Contribution to Registrations: Percentage of students in a particular pathway that is taking a course compared to all the students taking a course.
Average Term: Average term that students associated with the pathway complete the selected course.


Pathways that Contain Course Table

The Pathways that Contain Course table displays detailed information about a selected course as it appears in pathways. It shows what sequence the course appears in a pathway, whether or not it is an option or a single requirement, and if it’s an option, how many other courses satisfy the option.


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