Pathway Content Report


The Pathway Content report provides the ability to see on a higher level how courses are associated to pathways, how they are assigned throughout all pathways, and highlighting the amount of choice within pathways.


Filters default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Pathway
  • Course Group
  • Course


Pathways Widget

The Pathways widget is a pivot table that holds the following aggregated information about the courses offered within a pathway.

Total Requirements

Shows the total amount of individual requirements within a pathway.

Choice Requirements

Shows the total number of requirements that have a choice of more than one course that satisfies a requirement.

Average Course Options within Choice Requirement          Shows the average amount of course choices each choice requirement has to satisfy choice requirements.

Total Courses

Shows how many total courses could be used to satisfy a requirement within a pathway.



Pathway Content Widget

The Pathway Content widget is a pivot table that displays each pathway, each requirement in sequence, and the courses that could satisfy each requirement.



Pathway Courses Widget

The Pathway Courses widget is a pivot table that shows aggregated information about all the courses that appear in pathways.

Number of Pathways

Shows the number of pathways in which a specific course appears in.

As Choice Requirement

Shows how many pathways in which the course appears where it is a part of a course group as an option to satisfy a requirement.

As Standalone Requirement

Shows the number of pathways where this course is the only option to satisfy a requirement.


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