Pathway Course Registration Report


The Pathway Course Registration report provides insight into the courses in which students register in relation to their current assigned pathway. The various filtering capabilities will allow the user to narrow down this overview in various ways to investigate courses and their performance within pathways. 



Filters default to ‘all’ of that category unless otherwise noted.

  • Years (default: past 5 years)
  • Course College
  • Term (default: all terms occurring in the past 5 years)
  • Course Department
  • Pathway
  • Course Division
  • Course Campus
  • Course


Course Registration Breakdown by Pathway Widget

The Course Registration Breakdown by Pathway widget is intended to provide context on enrollment within a course through the breakdown of student registrations by their assigned pathway.

Total registrations are broken by pathway (i.e., the pathway the student was enrolled in at the time they were registered for the course, which may differ from the pathway that they are currently enrolled in).

A "registration" in this context is defined as any course within a student's academic history (or in progress) that is not a transfer credit, regardless of pass/fail.


Widget Interaction

  • Hovering over any bar will give a full description of the exact number totals of the number of students, registrations as well as the entire description of the pathway.
  • Left-clicking on any bar will apply the pathway filter on the left panel. All other widgets will be affected by this.
    • To move to a different pathway, click on the desired pathway.
    • To clear selection to see all pathway data, check ‘include all’ in the pathway filter on the left panel.
  • Right-clicking on any bar will perform exactly as left-clicking in this widget.
  • Slider Bar
    • The bar below the bar graph is a good way to zone in on a group that has a lot of items in a category. Click and drag the window to move the whole window while retaining its size.
    • Drag the right and left bars on either side of the grey window to zoom in.
The pathway shown may not necessarily reflect the pathway that the course is in, but rather the pathway that the students were in when they registered for the course.


Course Details Table

The Course Details widget is a table that shows an individual course, in what pathway it appears, and how many students with that pathway association have registered for it. The final column in the table shows the average term that the registrants with the pathway association end up taking that course.


Widget Interaction

  • Left-clicking on Registrations or Average Term Taken columns
    • Clicking a value in this column will open a window with Student Registrations.
    • The Pathway, course title, and course will be inferred in the left pane filter panel when the pop-up window renders.
    • All filters selected on the Pathway Course Registration report will be inherited and be applied to the pop-up window.
    • To go back to the Pathway Course Registration report, click anywhere outside the pop-up window.

Student Registration Table

When a value in the Course Details table is clicked, the Student Registration table will open and shows details on the individual students that registered for a course selected in the course details widget. The filters will not affect filtering in the Pathway Course Registration Report.



Course Taken by Students Missing Pathways Widget

The Course Taken by Students Missing Pathways widget is a bar chart that highlights students that do not have an assigned pathway. This is based on generated messages during the pathway assignment service upon data ingest. These messages are treated as their own pathway assignment. 


Widget Interaction

  • Hovering over any bar in the bar chart will give exact student and registration counts.
  • Left-clicking will apply the pathway filter on the left panel. All other widgets will be affected.
  • To clear selection to see all pathway data, check ‘include all’ in the pathway filter on the left panel. 

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