Centralizing Space Requests with Campus Labs Engage

With the unmatched power of Campus Labs® Engage, you can build and foster an online community to meaningfully involve students and strengthen your data-driven insights. Our easy to use integration with Astra Schedule solves challenges between student organizations and the reservations office by centralizing processes for students to reserve event spaces without disrupting current workflows on campus. Join our Community Manager, Lindsey Carter, as she provides a short overview of Engage and explores how Engage communicates directly with Astra Schedule through our new Room and Resource Integration.

Have questions? Visit campuslabs.com/astra-schedule.



Lindsey Carter, Community Manager, Product Management at Anthology

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  • Our campus currently partners with Campus Labs - Engage for our events and uses Astra for the campus reservation calendar (academics and events).  How do we integrate this service?  Does Anthology have detailed information on how to incorporate their service into our existing programs (and how much this costs)?  I'm not sure we have the budget for it, currently, but I'd like to explore the possibilities for future use as this would save an exponential amount of time.

    Thank you.

  • @Sarah Lockwood, someone from Ad Astra will be reaching out to you soon!


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