Import Completed with Warnings Explanation

Have you heard Ad Astra team members say, “Your import completed with warnings. That’s great!” and been confused why would we celebrate that? In this article, we’re going to dissect what causes the import with a status of warning so that you can have peace of mind about your import. To view these warnings, navigate to Settings > Import/Export Management and click the View Job Artifacts button (mceclip0.png) next to the name of the import that has the progress of Warning. In the next popup, click the View Artifact button (mceclip1.png) next to the Log File.


Common Warnings - Investigation Not Needed

Canceled Sections

  • Example: [WARN ] Skipping import of Section '79801': Section is canceled
  • Astra Schedule does not import canceled sections as they do not need room assignments, and our goal is to assign rooms to sections. During implementation, we most likely worked with you to make sure we captured all of your canceled status codes, if you have more than one, so we are not seeing these sections in the Section List. If you are seeing canceled sections in the Section List, please submit a ticket.
  • If you cancel an active section in Astra Schedule in your Student Information System, upon next import, the section will be deleted from Astra Schedule and will show up in the log file in this section.

Invalid Meeting Patterns

  • Example: [WARN ] SectionMeeting '79800_91708' requires attention: Invalid meeting pattern
  • While this warning does say the section “requires attention,” you can move on in the log file knowing we imported the section correctly. Examples of a section with an invalid meeting pattern are online sections, internships, and independent studies. These are sections without a Days Met or Start/End Time. It’s important to Astra Schedule because you cannot assign a room to a section without a valid meeting pattern in the application, and these sections are not assigned rooms through the Optimizer.
  • If you would like to view your invalid meeting pattern sections, you can navigate to the Section List and use the Invalid Meeting Pattern filter option. Select Yes in the dropdown and then Search, and you’ll see only your sections without meeting patterns.

Instructor Warnings

  • Example: [WARN ] Multiple 'People' definitions found for 'Instructor''0231830'
  • This warning is letting you know that when we were running the query on your Student Information System for the instructor that is assigned to a section, that instructor already exists in Astra Schedule. There could be a different email address that we have in the system for that instructor or some other field is not the same, but this will not hurt importing the section or the instructor assignment.


Warnings Needing Resolution

Dropped Room Assignments

  • Example: [WARN ] Room SisKey 'CampusCode_BuildingCode_RoomNumber' is not valid (while processing section meeting 78968_89342.) Room will be dropped.
  • First of all, this is most likely due to the room SISkey being incorrect in Astra Schedule. The room SISkey is the unique identifier for the room in Astra Schedule that matches three fields in for the room in your Student Information System: the campus code, building code, and room number. Together, with the help of underscores to string them together, we create the SISkey! This SISkey schema is CampusCode_BuildingCode_RoomNumber.
  • We want our room assignments imported – we are a room scheduling tool, after all! – so let’s walk through troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve the dropped room and get it importing.
    • Find the correct dropped room SISkey in the log file. In the log file, and you can easily search for “dropped” to find a section with a room that will be dropped, like the example below. You will want to make note of the SISkey that the system is looking for, which is the SISkey referenced in the log file. Jot it down and move on to step 2.
    • Navigate to that room in Astra Schedule. The Rooms List lives in the Settings tab. Does the room exist in Astra Schedule? If not, great! You’re done troubleshooting, and you can create the room in Astra Schedule to resolve the issue. You also have the perfect cheat sheet to make sure you setup the SISkey correctly, as the SISkey in the log file is exactly what Astra Schedule is looking for! If the room does exist in Astra Schedule, move on to step 3.
    • If the room exists, does it have SISkey? If not, that’s your problem, you can add in the SISkey to import these room assignments correctly. If it does have a SISkey that’s incorrect, you can update it to the correct SISkey to fix your issue. If the SISkey that’s displaying looks correct, move on to step 4.
    • If the room exists and has the correct SISkey, the first thing you want to do is check for spaces before or after the SISkey, as these will throw off the connection between the SIS and Astra Schedule. If there are no spaces, please reference our Troubleshooting Room SISkeys article to find other troubleshooting steps to ensure the correct connection.
    • If you’ve gone through all these steps and are still having trouble, please submit a ticket so our Support Team can work with you on this error.

When Should I Submit a Support Ticket?

Please submit a support ticket if your import progress states "Error" or if your import progress is "Complete", but when you check the Section List, the sections for the specified terms did not import correctly. Anytime you need assistance with your import, the Support Team will be able to assist you. 

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