Room SISKeys

Room SISkeys do not live in the Student Information System. This is a value that is generated by our spoke file when we run a section import from the SIS to connect the room assignment in your SIS to a room record in Astra Schedule. During implementation, we import a room file, which is a download of all your rooms. The Ad Astra team creates those SISkeys for you based on the data you provide – so it’s important to have correct data given to us. However, if you create a room manually in the future, you will need to populate the SISkey field on your own if you would like sections to be assigned to those rooms in Astra Schedule. Below are some pointers and “gotchas” that clients have come across with their room SISkeys when adding them manually.

  • The room SISkey structure is “CampusCode_BuildingCode_RoomNumber”.
  • There can only be 2 underscores in a SISkey. If you have an underscore in a room number or building code in your SIS, it will need to be removed in order for the room to be assigned in Astra Schedule upon import.
  • A space anywhere in SISkey will cause a room assignment not to import.
  • The room number on the room record and room number portion of the SISkey do not need to match. In that same regard, if you change the room number on the room record and not the room number portion of the SISkey and the room number has changed in your SIS, the room assignment will not import.
  • Case sensitivity does matter for room SISkeys.
  • If you are a Banner client, there is a 6 character limit on building codes within room SISkeys.
  • Buildings in Astra Schedule also have SISkeys, but they are not considered upon import for room assignments. If you change the building SISkey, it will not affect the SISkeys for the rooms in that building.
  • While the Campus SISkey is also not considered upon import for room assignments, it is an important SISkey that tells us which sections to import from the SIS. For example, if your Campus Code for your Main Campus is MAIN, we want to make sure the campus SISkey in Astra Schedule is MAIN in order to import all sections associated to the Main Campus. If you have a secondary campus with a Campus Code of ONLINE, you will either want to create that campus in Astra Schedule so we can import those sections as well, or you can choose to not have that campus in Astra so the sections associated to ONLINE will not import.

If you are still having trouble with room assignments populating Astra Schedule, please submit a ticket so our Support Team can work with you to resolve the issue. If you are an implementing client, please contact your Project Manager with any questions you have on your Campus, Building, and Room data you are providing for the room file.

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