Temporary Test Sites FAQs

Temporary test sites can be created for our Astra Schedule clients from a backup of their current production data. If are you wondering how you should request a test site, what the purpose would be, and how long you can have the site up, look no further! Our FAQ below will fill you in on all things test sites. 

What’s the purpose of a temporary test site?
Temporary test sites are used for testing functionality in Astra Schedule before you apply it to your production site. For example, if you would like to test an event workflow setup or a new room set up, a test site is a great place to get started. Another common use of a temporary test site is to test an Astra Schedule upgrade before upgrading your production site.
How do I request a test site?
To request a temporary test site, please submit a support ticket.
When should I request a test site?
Our team requests that you submit your ticket for a test site two weeks in advance. Our team will process these requests sooner if possible.
How many times in a year can I request a test site?
You can request a temporary test site 3 times a year. This resets every calendar year.
When purchasing a service such as a spoke file change or an event import, our team will likely create a test site to test this functionality for you before applying it to your production site. This will not count against your 3 test sites a year.
How long will I have the test site available to me?
The temporary test sites are available for 3 weeks.
Does the data in the test site sync with my production site?
No, the data does not sync between the test site and the production site. To build the test site, we take a backup of your production data and use that as the backbone of the site. However, once the backup is taken, the data in the test site is static. Therefore, anything done in the test site would need to be reproduced in your production site.
Can I run imports and exports in my test site?
We recommend running only imports in your test site, especially if you are testing an Astra Schedule upgrade. We do not recommend running an export in your test site, and our team will disable the exports when setting up the test site unless otherwise requested. If you are wanting to test imports and exports specifically, please make note of this in your support ticket.
How can I have a test site for longer than 3 weeks?
You have the option to purchase a persistent test site, which is a test site that is always available to you. For more information on how to purchase a persistent test site, please contact your Client Success Consultant.
If you need an extension for your test site, please submit a software support ticket. We will extend the test site for another 3 weeks, which will count as your second request for the year.


If you still have questions about temporary test sites, please submit a support ticket or reach out to your Client Success Consultant!

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