For the Ad Astra Apps, clients will setup Streamsets on their servers to collect and push data to Ad Astra. 


Client must have a server or virtual machine with these requirements:

  • Linus OS with Docker installed; latest Ubuntu or CentOS recommended
  • Network connection to SSIS
  • Outbound network connection to
  • Minimum System Requirements:
Cores 2
RAM 4 GB | 8 GB preferred
Disk Space 15 GB


Installation Steps

  1. Install Docker
  1. Verify network connectivity to SSIS and
  1. Install Data Collector via Docker

    Example Docker command to install data collector:

  1. An Ad Astra team member will supply credential information below:
    • TOKEN
    • ID
    • LABEL
  1. Install Watchtower to automatically update Data Collector to latest version.

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