Astra Schedule Session Timeout

When a user has been inactive in Astra Schedule for 60 minutes (default is 60 minutes unless an alternative time has been requested), a modal will appear to ask the user to click OK to extend their session. If the user clicks OK to extend their session, the session timer will reset, and they will be able to continue to work as normal.


If the user does not click OK, they will be signed out of Astra schedule, then redirected to the sign-in page, and any unsaved work will not be saved. The sign-in prompt will display a message indicating that the user’s session has expired. When a user signs back in they will be redirected back to the page their session had expired on.


What happens if I have multiple tabs opened?

When a user has multiple tabs open in Astra Schedule, the session time out modal will appear on each tab instance. Clicking OK will continue the session and close the session time out modal for all tabs. If the user does not click OK, the session will expire and redirect, all open tabs.


Guest Access

When viewing a page with guest access, after 60 minutes of inactivity, the page will display a modal notifying them the session will soon expire. If they do not click OK, a second popup will display when the session does expire and can reload the page by clicking OK. The page will then reset and reloads without redirecting them to sign in.

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