Troubleshooting Incomplete Events

Do you sometimes have trouble figuring out why an event is incomplete? We know the struggle, which is why we’ve created this article to walk through common troubleshooting steps to move your event from incomplete to scheduled.

How do I find incomplete events?

You can filter your Event List to show only events with a status of “Incomplete”. We recommend doing this periodically to make sure you don’t have any incomplete events falling through the cracks!

What causes an incomplete status?

An incomplete status indicates there is either a required field missing, an approval is needed at the room or resource level, or the event is double booked by a user that does not have double book permissions. Once the issue is resolved and saved, the event status will switch to "Scheduled". See the Event Status article to learn about all of the event statuses. 

Required Field Missing

This is a common reason for an event to be incomplete, and it’s something we can easily troubleshoot! First, there are clearly marked required fields that must be filled out for an event to be scheduled in the Event Information section. These include Event Name, Contact (and Customer), and Event Type. The system should prompt you to fill out these fields before saving, but if you ever navigate away or time out before filling them out, these could be your culprits!

The other required field missing is not as easy to spot, but it’s something that you should get in the habit of looking for. By default, a room assignment is required for an event meeting to be scheduled. Therefore, if an event meeting does not have a room assignment, the meeting will be in an incomplete status. If there are multiple meetings in an event and only one of them does not have a room assignment, causing the event meeting status to be incomplete, the entire event will be in an incomplete status.

How do I resolve an event meeting with an incomplete status?

  1. Assign a room!
  2. Delete the event meeting completely. This requires the user to have the “Delete Events” permission.
  3. Change the event meeting status to canceled. Canceled event meetings cannot have a room assignment.
  4. Uncheck the box “Room Required” for the event meeting.

For more information on how to take action on one of these options, view our Creating Events articles. Once you’ve taken one of these four steps, your event will be scheduled.

Approval Needed at the Room or Resource Level

When event workflow is added through roles and approval groups, there is an added layer of complexity for scheduling an event. When a user approves or creates an event, and that user does not have permission to schedule certain rooms or resources, a workflow is triggered to have the room or resource approved. If you are the user who created the event, this isn’t necessarily something you can resolve yourself, but you can find the user that needs to approve the room or resource in order to complete the workflow process:

  1. Click into the incomplete event meeting from the list of event meetings at the bottom of the event form.
  2. If the room requires approval in the Room box on the right-hand side. The status will say “Requested by” if it requires approval.
  3. If a resource requires approval in the “Related Activities” tab at the bottom. The status for the assigned resource will say “Requested by” as well.
  4. Navigate out of the individual event meeting by either clicking the “Meetings” tab at the top of the page or the gray “X” in the white tab to its right.
  5. Click the History tab. The History tab will tell you which users the approval notification has been sent to, as well as when it was sent. 
  6. After the approval has been made, the event will update with a "Scheduled" status.



Double Booked Event

Double booking an event is an option only users with the correct permissions can do. However, sometimes events can end up double-booked with possibly a section or another situation. First, a user can choose to save the event as incomplete when saving a double-booked event – that’s an easy incomplete status to troubleshoot!

How do I Look For Double-booking Issues?

There are two options:

  1. Save the event, which triggers the conflict checking,
  2. Click the “Check For Conflicts” button in the top right corner of the event form.

If something is double-booked, the event meeting will be flagged with a red exclamation point, which you can hover over to view the conflict. You can resolve this by either moving the event or the conflicting event/section!

Sometimes the conflict can be with the event’s setup/teardown or pre/post meeting.

If you’ve exhausted all these options and are still having trouble with an incomplete event, you can leave a comment below or submit a support ticket for immediate responses.

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