Creating Campus Groups in Ad Astra Apps

Campus Groups allows institution users to see course offering recommendations and registration tracking data in Align and Monitor for a logical group of campuses in addition to individual campuses.

Why Create a Campus Group?

Often, campuses are not so physically different that they need independent course offering decisions to be made. Additionally, sometimes multi-campus institutions want to see a group of campuses' rolled up into one so they can determine how to re-allocate enrollment. In any scenario, they may still want the ability to see single-campus information when appropriate to their decision-making process.

The Campus Group feature includes the ability to define the groups and their individual campus members and then view results data in Align and Monitor for these new campus groups just as if they were individual campuses.


How To Create a Campus Group?

You must be an Admin user for your institution in order to create a Campus Group.

  1. From your profile icon, choose Settings from the left navigation panel.


  2. Select Academics from the left menu.
  3. From the "General" tab, go to the Campus Groups section.
  4. Click the Add icon add a new row.


  5. Select a campus from the drop-down list, then type the Campus Group Name to which you’d like it to belong.


In the example below, both West and Main campuses will be members of “All Campuses” and will appear as a campus in filter options. West and Main campus data will be rolled up into All Campuses in the Align and Monitor course lists in addition to appearing individually.



Campus Groups appear in filter options immediately, but the roll-up data will not be calculated for the campus group until the next time section and/or student data is refreshed (typically nightly).

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