How do I create setup and teardown windows?


How can I create Setup and Teardown Windows in Astra Schedule?  



There are two ways that setup and teardown windows can be added to an event.

  1. Adding Setup/Teardown Windows to Event Meetings at the event meeting level.
  2. Adding a default setup/teardown window to a specific room or resource for every time it is scheduled.

Some schools will ask their requestors in the event request form if they need setup or teardown time for their event using "Astra Schedule Event Request Form – Multiple Choice Question" and the "Astra Schedule Event Request Form – Long Answer Question" widgets.

  • Astra Schedule Event Request Form – Multiple Choice Question


  • Astra Schedule Event Request Form – Long Answer Question


The event approver will have to add the setup and/or teardown window to the event meeting itself. The answers provided within the form will not apply the setup or teardown windows.


Adding Setup/Teardown Windows to Event Meetings

Users who have role permissions "Edit Events" can add setup and teardown windows to events meetings.  This can be done in the advanced event view of an event and added at the Meeting level.

  1. Open the event.
  2. Click on the event meeting that needs a setup and teardown window.


  3. On the Related Activities tab, click "+ Setup/Teardown Window" and select Setup Window.
  4. The Setup Window will default to a half-hour window prior to the start of the event, but the date and time can be changed!
  5. A Teardown window will default to begin at the end time of your event meeting and end a half-hour afterwards.
  6. The description of the setup windows can be changed to make it more informative.


  7. Save


Default Setup/Teardown Windows for Rooms or Resources

You may have rooms or resources that require setup/teardown windows every time that it is scheduled, such as Room Divider Setup Window for a partitioned room or a Facilities Technical Setup for a specialized smart room.  

First, you will want to create a setup service: 

  1. Click the Equipment and Services option from the Settings tab to open the list of equipment and services.
  2. Click Add a Resource and select “Service”
  3. Enter a name to identify the service being added. Example: “Room Divider Setup”
  4. Category: select enter a category. Example: "Facilities"
  5. Under the Resource Service Duration Settings section, add a Default Duration and Minimum Duration.
  6. Check "Is Setup Service".
  7. Select "Duration Reserves Room".
  8. Click Save.



Now that you have created the Setup Service window, you can open the room(s) that should default to having the setup/teardown window applied every time it is scheduled.

Setup and teardown windows are only applied when something is actively scheduled into a room or assigned a resource within Astra Schedule. The room assignments received from the section import are not going to generate setup or teardown windows for the associated rooms.


  1. Select the Room Configuration it will be added to.
  2. Click Add Setup/Teardown Service button.
    • For rooms, this will be within the Room Configuration.
    • For resources, this button will be at the bottom of the resource page.
  3. Then you can select the Setup/Teardown Service drop-down and click the service that you just built!
  4. Select Ok and Save.



Events scheduled within the basic event modal will not apply a default setup or teardown window to a room. Events must be scheduled within the advanced event editing mode for these windows to apply.

Learn more about setup and teardown windows and viewing setup and teardown windows.

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