User Settings in Ad Astra

To access User settings, go to the 'Settings' link under the profile icon in the upper right corner. You must be an Admin user for your institution to change user settings.


Select Users on the left sidebar or by using the search bar.



Adding Users

Administrators can add, delete, unlock, and manage permission types for users within User Management.

When adding users, Administrators will need to know the user's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Email addresses must be unique for each user.

After adding the user, they will receive a welcome email in their inbox to create a password. They can only create a password through this email unless an administrator unlocks their account. The forgot password link will not work unless the account has been unlocked. If a user does not receive a welcome email, please have them check their junk folder and/or verify the email address “” is not blocked.


Unlocking Users

If a user has been added but does not sign in to the application for over 90 days, their account will become locked. Once the user attempts to sign in, they will be alerted of their status. Administrators can unlock users, which will allow the user to reset their own password by clicking the ‘Forgot Password’ link and subsequently sign in to the application.


Deleting Users

When a user is deleted, all comments and shared filters are retained and can be viewed by other users.



User Permissions

There are three options available when updating a user's permission:

  • Admin: have the ability to view the list of users and the ability to update their type
  • Contributor: can create, edit, and delete limited information within the app without having full admin access across all applications. Admins can limit each Contributor’s ability to change information to a set of departments.
    • Clicking "Edit Privileges" in the Actions column will display a pop up to edit which departments the contributor can edit and to toggle on or off publishing privileges


  • User: no access to user Settings or the Pathways app and cannot edit any course or section information, including planned sections or Astra status


Ad Astra consultants and the technical team are listed as "Astra Admin" which can only be edited by Astra Admin.

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