What Are Notifications and Who Receives Them?


What Are Notifications and Who Receives Them? If I am the Requester and Approver, will I receive a Notification? I only see the Notification for an event I created, I do not see the Approval Requests put in by other users.



Notifications are system generated internal messages sent to Astra Schedule users. They are triggered by workflow rules and include all request notifications that require approvals as well as room, resource, and event request form usage notifications, import or export job errors.

Notifications are collected in the Notification List and users can manually check the list for new messages, and/or setup preferences to be notified on a schedule when there are new items to view. We highly recommend setting up preferences to receive the email, each user will have to do this individually for themselves.

Approval Requests Notification - To receive request notifications for approval, the said user must be part of the Approver Group. Even if they are the contact for the Event Request Form or part of a Security Group, they will still need to part of the Approver Group in order to receive the approval requests. If an Approver is not seeing approval request notifications, make sure they are part of the appropriate approval group.

Other Notifications - To receive a notification when specific event requests are approved and created, or when certain rooms or resources are scheduled, the said user must be part of a Notification Group.

If you are the Requester and Approver, you will still receive a Notification.

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