Ad Astra Roadmap

For the new applications delivered on the Ad Astra platform, we’ve adopted an improved, more agile product release strategy. This change allows us to quickly build innovative applications and features while maintaining the familiar elements and functionality you've come to love and expect.  We will continue our regular release process for Astra Schedule. map roadmap

The development shift for the Ad Astra platform allows us to iterate faster than ever before, and we’re excited to share what we’re working on with you. The Product Roadmap will be updated daily to keep you up to speed on all the progress taking place with our new applications

When you view the Product Roadmap you will notice it is divided into the following four sections:

  • Under Consideration: This is in our pipeline of work, but we haven't started building yet.
  • In Progress: Our development teams are actively working on it.
  • Preview: New and exciting functionality that isn't available in the platform yet but ready for a demo. Reach out to your Client Success Consultant or Regional Vice President to see more.
  • Launched: View our released features and get excited about what's available!

Each section will display summary cards that can be clicked on to view more information about the feature.



Want to give feedback about an individual feature?

Select one of the options to the question at the bottom of the card, and you'll be able to submit the criticality of this feature, feedback, and leave your email address to receive updates about changes to that feature.


Want to submit a new idea?

Click the "Submit Idea" button to leave a completely new idea!



Have feedback for the Product Team and want other clients' input?

You can create a post in the Community, which is regularly monitored by the Product Team. 

We hope you're excited about all the ways you can engage with our Product Team!

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  • Check out the new Up Next and Working On It sections we have added to this article to help keep you up to date on what we are working on! 

  • Hi, Melody.  Where would I find the latest product roadmap or the "Up Next and Working On It" sections which you indicate are added to this article.  

  • Hi Sheila! I believe my previous comment from 2021 about the Up Next and Working On It section explains how we used to visualize the product roadmap. I am going to loop in the Product Experience Team so they can accurately explain the roadmap and what is coming up! 


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