What exactly are setup and teardown windows?


What exactly are Setup and Teardown Windows? 



Event management teams know there is a lot of time spent preparing for an event outside of an event’s actual start and end time. Sometimes this behind-the-scenes preparation involves physically setting up space prior to the event or tearing down materials after the event has ended. Setup and Teardown windows are a great way to track time and block a room for these types of scenarios. Added benefits of using Setup and Teardown Windows include:  

  • Event and facility teams are aware of the detailed components needed to make the event successful.
  • Room availability is accurately reflected – preventing others from requesting that space or scheduling an event back-to-back with an involved events’ start or end time.
  • Calendars reflect the event's true start and end time to allow for attendees to plan accordingly, while accurately reflecting the room's availability when requesting that room.

Learn more about creating setup and teardown windows and viewing setup and teardown windows.

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