Using the End Date in the Weekly Scheduling Grid

Have you ever had an instructor ask you for a specific room to teach in, no matter the time? Would you like to be able to show them that easily? Maybe you’ve had someone ask about a recurring event in a specific room, and you want to make sure it’s available for all the times you’ve been asked about. A great way to do this is to use the end date functionality on the weekly scheduling grid and view one room for a date range.  

Using End Date Functionality

  1. Click the Calendars tab.
  2. Select Scheduling Grids.
  3. Select the Calendar you would like to view if it does not already populate.


  4. Click the Week button in the top left corner.


  5. In the list of rooms, click the room you would like to see for a specific date range.
  6. Using the date selector that shows the current date range, select your start date. For example, the first date of a semester or the first date of a recurring event.


  7. To the left of the date selector, click the End Date button. Select the final date you would like to see. This would be the last date of the semester or the last date of the recurring event in the examples above.


When you select the end date, additional events and/or sections will populate in the view. They will overlap with each other if there is a section or event that is not in the original week you selected.

In the current view, you are seeing all events and/or sections happening in that room over the selected date range. The white space will be available for a section or a recurring event. You can also easily click on other rooms to view the entire date range.

To remove the end date, click the white box to the right of the End Date button.



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