Changing The Logo in Crystal Reports

Astra Schedule’s reports come with the Ad Astra logo on each report. An institution may want to brand its reports with its own logo, which can be done easily with the steps below.

If you would like to change the logo on the notification reports, please submit a software support case or reach out to Software Support for these files, as they do not live on the front end of the application. A Crystal Report license is required to make these changes.

  1. Click the Reporting tab.
  2. Select Reports.
  3. Select the report to update with the new logo.
  4. To download the report, click the export button in the top left corner of the report pop-up.


  5. File Format: Crystal Reports (RPT)
  6. Click Export.
  7. Open your download from your downloads list, which will start Crystal Reports.
  8. Click OK past the Invalid Printer message.
  9. In the top left corner, click the Design tab.


  10. Select and delete the old logo.
  11. In the menu bar, select Insert and Picture.


  12. Navigate to the image you would like to use and click Open.
  13. An orange box will appear to show the size of the image. Click inside your report where you would like to drop the image.
  14. Resize the image, if needed, and update any other formatting necessary.
  15. In the menu bar, select File and uncheck Save Data with Report.


  16. In the menu bar, select File and Save As to rename the file and select your location.
  17. Back in Astra Schedule, select Add a Report from the Report List.


  18. Fill in the Name, Description, and Report Group.
  19. Select the Report File then Save and Close.
  20. Navigate to the report in your report list to view your change.


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