Editing an Existing Person Record to Customer Contact

While instructors and users are automatically added into Astra Schedule via an import and LDAP or SSO authentication, customer contacts must be created. However, if you would like someone to be a contact for an event that is already in the system as a user or instructor, you will need to update the existing person record. They will have the responsibility of both instructor and/or user and customer contact, as each person record in the system must have a unique email address.

Editing People Records

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Select People.
  3. Select the person you would like to be a customer contact.
    You will see in their record the Primary Responsibility and a Responsibilities select option. The Primary Responsibility is set to how the user was first created, but it can be changed. This only affects which homepage the user will see upon the login.
  4. Click the + icon in the Responsibilities select option and choose Customer Contact from the list. A new area will pop up labeled Customer Contact Information.


  5. Click Associate New Contact in the "Customer Contact Information" section. Answer Yes to the Save message to save the record.


  6. Select the associated customer using the drop-down menu and enter any contact information that is unique to their association with the customer.


  7. Click Save and Close to save the customer contact information and return to the person’s record.


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