Removing Customer Contacts

As much as we would like our contacts to have the same job forever, we know they don’t! When people leave the institution, we no longer want them to show up in the customer contact dropdown when creating an event. To do so, the customer contact will need to be marked as inactive.  



  1. Click the Settings tab.
  1. Select People.
  1. Navigate to the person you would like to inactivate.
You will see an Active checkbox on this page. This is the person record and not the customer contact record, so unchecking the Active box here will not remote the customer contact from the dropdown list.
  1. In the Customer Contact Information box, click the name of the contact. If there are multiples due to the record being associated to multiple Customers, select the one you wish to inactivate.


  1. In the Customer Contact Info box at the top, uncheck the Active box.


  1. Save and Close to return to the person’s record.

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