Can I remove a building from Astra Schedule?


Can I remove a building from Astra Schedule? How do I expire rooms in Astra Schedule? 



In Astra Schedule, you cannot remove a building that has rooms associated to it. Hence, we do not recommend removing a building from the application. If there are circumstances where the building in question will not be open for scheduling, we recommend expiring the rooms within that building. 

  1. Click on Settings from the main menu.
  2. Select "Rooms"
  3. Filter by the building
  4. Open the room record you wish to expire. 
  5. Click on Manage Effective Dates


  6. Set an expiration date. You don’t need to add a new effective date, just select an expiration date. This must be done for each individual room, as there is no expiration option at the building level.


  7. Optional Step – After expiring the rooms, you can edit the building settings to check – May Not Schedule and Do Not Optimize. Expiring the rooms should be enough as in the application everything pertaining to schedules is associated at the room level and not building.

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  • In the case where a building will never be used again ie. being demolished - can it then be deleted from AdAstra rather than using the procedure mentioned above?

  • Hi Brenda, the procedure above is the best possible solution for "removing" buildings, as deleting it within Astra would cause any past events or sections to become corrupt by losing association. 

  • Can you re-activate an expired room or is it best to create a new room instead?


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