What are the potential causes of a double-booked room?


What are the potential causes of a double-booked room?



There are several reasons a room may be double booked.

  • If an Event Status is tentative, the room attached to that event may be booked by another user. The room attached to the event may not be booked by another user if the Event Status is pending or scheduled.


  • If a scheduled room is imported from your SIS into Astra Schedule, the import does not check for room scheduling conflicts and may become double booked if it is already assigned to an event. You may prevent this issue by utilizing the optimizer to assign rooms to section, rather assigning rooms manually from your SIS.
  • If a user assigns a booked room to an event, the event will be marked Incomplete. This will appear as a conflict on the scheduling grid; however, the Incomplete event is not fully booked, and the room is not actually reserved to that event.

Because we are not able to audit the full workflow that may cause a double booking, we recommend keeping the above items in mind and running the Double Booking report to catch any potential issues.

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