How To Use Monitor

After you have discovered how to use Monitor, check out the Monitor Best Practices article and how to achieve your registration tracking needs. 



When first visiting Monitor, you’ll be directed to the Courses tab. This view provides a list of courses with their enrollment ratios.

Your institution's admin can create Campus Groups to see course offering recommendations and registration tracking data in Align and Monitor for a logical group of campuses in addition to individual campuses.



Filter and Sort

You can use the term dropdown to select the term you would like to view. Additionally, the list can be filtered by subject. The list will be refined based on the term and subject filters.

The list can be sorted in ascending or descending order by Course or Enrollment Ratio by clicking on the desired column header. 




The Monitor course list page can be exported to a .csv file so you can share or manipulate the data for your own needs. Look for the export icon near the top of the page.  Just click this icon, confirm you want to download the file and a .csv file will be saved to your computer's default download location.


The Monitor course list export includes course identifying information:

  • Enrollment ratio
  • Registration status (relative to enrollment ratio)
  • Seats offered
  • Current enrollment
  • Number of sections offered
  • Campus group (if applicable) 


How fresh is my data?

You can always see the last updated date on the right side of the screen above the course list. This date and time are based on the last data snapshot taken. 

Once a user has selected a course, additional course-level information and dashboards are displayed.




If desired, you can click the Notify button to let the system know you’d like to receive a notification when the registration status changes on a specific course.






At the bottom of every course, you’re able to make comments and tag other Ad Astra users.  If you’ve tagged another user, they will receive a notification prompting them to view your comment.

Users can delete their own comments.




The Analyze tab allows users to see a high-level dashboard view of registration metrics. 




Enrollment Ratio: Average enrollment divided by average course enrollment cap.

Registration Status: This is a designation assigned to a course based on its Enrollment Ratio.

High: Courses are “high” if the Enrollment Ratio is greater than 85%.

Low:Courses are “low” if the Enrollment Ratio is less than 25%.

On Track: Courses are “on track” if the Enrollment Ratio is 25-85%.

Seats Filled: this field shows the seats filled compared to the seats available. In the example of 87/100, 87 out of the 100 seats offered are already filled.

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