How do I setup a department as a user?


I need to add a department as a user with a role. They have their own email and are in the active directory. How can I add the department as a user?



Even though the email is in the Active Directory, as a department does not have a First and Last Name, they are not automatically added as authenticated users in Astra Schedule.

To add a new user you’ll have to follow the path:

  1. Go to the Settings tab in the main menu.
  2. Select "Users"
  3. Click "Add a User"
  4. Create the user (an example is making the Technical Support Department):
    • Username – TechSupport
    • First Name – Astra
    • Last Name – Technical Support
    • Email –
    • Enter and confirm the password
  5. Leave Institution-level Authentication unchecked
  6. Assign the desired/required Security Role for this user
  7. Save and Close

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