How do I block a room from being scheduled?


How do I block a room from being scheduled?



If a room needs to be blocked for a short period of time due to maintenance, painting or other reasons, you can add an Exception under Usage Controls. Exceptions dictate the room usage on specific dates and override the default usage policy during those dates.

Here are the steps to add an Exception to a room

  1. Access the room by following the path – Settings Rooms
  2. Click on the room you want to edit
  3. Scroll down until Usage Controls
  4. Click – Create Exception


  5. Provide a name for the exception and the start and end date for the control
  6. Provide a start and end time for the control, days of the week to which the control applies
  7. Allowed Usage – This is where you select the activities allowed during this time
  8. Select Add This Rule to add the control to the list
  9. Click OK to save the control setting and apply it to the room record
  10. Click Save on the room record to save the changes

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