Astra Schedule 8 Upgrade Overview

Client Benefits


  • Biweekly meetings with your Account Executive to review upgrade progress
  • One hour of Astra Schedule 8 Overview web-based training


Client Commitment


Once your upgrade is complete, you will be asked to provide feedback in a survey, comparing this version to previous versions of Astra Schedule. Our goal is your satisfaction with the new features and functionality in Astra Schedule 8. If at any time in the upgrade process a concern or issue prevents you from selecting a 9 or 10 on our survey, please let your Account Executive know immediately so that they can share your feedback internally and we can prioritize a resolution.


Support Center


Our Support Center has more information on the Astra Schedule 8 application. It also includes our Release Notes which highlight the new functionality, resolved issues, and known limitations. 



End-User Training Videos


We have developed an overview video to highlight the differences between Version VII and Astra Schedule 8, as well as complementary training videos. In the Astra Schedule 8 Key Features and Benefits article, learn about the new and updated functionality, as well as revisit old functionality in the new UI. You can also access our entire video training library


Ad Astra Commitment


The Ad Astra team is happy to help answer any questions you have during the upgrade process. This includes your Account Team, Implementation Consultants, Client Success Consultants, and members of the Technical Support team.


Areas to Explore in the Application

We recommend you explore the functional areas listed below to see the updates in Astra Schedule 8.

  • Home Page
  • New Events & Event Form
  • Calendars
  • Page Navigation & Recents menu
  • Create Event Form for single, multiple, or recurring meetings
  • Room Optimization
  • Section Edit/Schedule
  • Easily edit events (times, rooms, etc.)
  • Color Branding
  • Notification & Approvals
  • Event Request Forms & configuration
  • Filter Panel


A detailed testing plan is available from your Account Team if desired. Please contact them directly to obtain a copy or for more information.

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