Personal note from Tom Shaver, Founder & CEO

Astra Schedule 8 is a major step forward in advancing our software to optimize your experience.
We re-imagined the look-and-feel of the application, and the usability is now more intuitive and streamlined. While we continue to enhance features, performance, and usability of Astra
Schedule with each release, I believe you will agree that Astra Schedule 8 represents
transformational progress.

In this area, you will find the following information to assist with your upgrade:

  • Upgrade overview
  • Key features and benefits of Astra Schedule 8

We hope schedulers, requesters, and stakeholders will enjoy these changes. Please let us know
how well we hit the mark with Astra Schedule 8, as well as what you’d like us to prioritize in
subsequent releases. Our expanded development team allows us to deploy three to four feature
releases each year in addition to regular maintenance releases and your feedback is vital to
ensuring that these releases maximize value for your institution.

Thank you again for your continued partnership.


Tom Shaver
Founder & CEO
Ad Astra Information Systems

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