Are the event notification e-mail templates configurable?


Are the event notification e-mail templates configurable?



The "Upgrade Policy for Customer Modified Files" is displayed below. In short, the standard reports cannot be modified as they will be overwritten during an upgrade. However, the files can be copied, renamed, and associated with the appropriate records in the database. The table that stores this data is NotificationReports. There is no user interface for this table so it would have to be edited manually.

This affects Reports, Hover XSL stylesheets, and ATE Configuration Files.

The Ad Astra policy in Astra Schedule and Analytics is that if modifications are made to a "standard"* Astra Schedule file, the file must be copied to a new institution-specific or an otherwise unique name (e.g. "UNCG-Dashboard Rooms Report.rpt") and configure the application to use the new file as appropriate. This restriction allows Ad Astra to maintain "standard" reports, ATE configurations, and hover stylesheets and be able to replace them when upgrading existing installations. In this manner, Ad Astra staff will always know that the "standard" installed files are valid and will work. Also, the nature and meaning of the "standard" files are known and fixed (helpful for support). When upgrading a version of the application, the Astra Control Panel tool (e.g. Patch Upgrade tool) will install all standard files and then copy any non-standard files in the instance being upgraded to the new instance being installed. Note that these copied files may need to be fixed/adjusted depending on what has changed in the new software/database structure.

* Standard means files supplied as part of a standard installation package by Ad Astra.

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