Is there a way to reduce data entry for common or complex events?


Have you ever wanted to have templates in the application for the types of events that you create frequently, to help reduce the data entry for common, or complex, activities? Here is a clever tip that was mentioned by a customer at an Astra Schedule Users' Conference.



  1. Pick a date range in the past that is long enough ago that you don't care about it from a reporting point of view.
  2. Create "template" events using the decided upon date range representing any of the repeating types of event activities you would like to be able to create (e.g. weddings, seminars, large conferences, repeat meetings, etc). Use the word "Template" in the event name. For example, "Template - Wedding".
  3. Go to the Event list page and set up a filter that searches for the template keyword and date range that will return your list of event templates.
  4. Save the filter as your "Templates" filter for reuse.
  5. The next time you would like to create an event from a template, visit the event list page, use the saved filter to find the template list, open the template event that is closest to the desired new event, clone it, and edit anything that needs to change.

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