Ad Astra Apps Notifications

By opting in, Ad Astra will send you contextual notifications focused on the things you care about. You can tailor your notifications by opting out if you no longer need to be notified about a topic.


Using Notifications

The bell icon in the header provides access to current and past notifications for topics to which you have subscribed. If you have new notifications, a badge will appear on the icon indicating the number of new notifications; opening your notifications will hide this badge.


Turning on notifications

By simply pressing the “Notify Me” button, you can enable notifications for that course.


Turning off notifications

Once you have subscribed to a course’s notifications, the button will update to read “Stop Notifying.” By pressing it again, it will disable notifications for that course.



Email Notifications

Users will receive an overview outlining any unread notifications directly to their inbox. We want to be mindful that we're not inundating your inbox, so each unread notification will only appear in one email. The email will be sent one hour after an unread notification is generated.



Tagged Notifications

Ad Astra provides users with the ability to tag another user in a comment related to a course. The tagged user will receive a notification that they have been tagged in a comment and linked directly to a specific course they were tagged in.



Filter Notifications

One important feature of filtering is the ability to share a filter with another user. When user A, shares a filter with user B, user A is the filter owner and has the ability to make changes and delete a shared filter. In order to keep users who are sharing a filter informed of any changes made by the filter owner, users will receive a notification for the following:

  1. A user has shared a filter with you 
  2. A shared filter has been updated
  3. A shared filter has been deleted


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