Add Exam Types

Add Exam Types

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Exam Types.
  3. Click Add an Exam Type near the top of the Exam Type list.
  4. Enter the name of the exam type.
  5. Optionally enter a description for the exam type.
  6. Select the radio button option next to the conflict rule to be applied to the exam type. This rule determines how the system should respond to scheduling conflicts between exam meetings and academic sections.
  7. Select Default Room Preference Settings for the Exam Type
    • Click the + button in the Default Room Preference Settings section to add a rule to the exam type.
    • In the rule row added to the list, insert your cursor in the Meeting Type field and select a meeting type from the drop down menu. The settings in this rule will be applied only to courses with the selected meeting type(s).
    • Perform the same for Exam Room Preferences to define which scheduling preferences should be applied to exams of this type.
    • If the exams will require 2x seating, insert your cursor in the field labeled "Require 2x Room Capacity" and place a check in the box.
  8. Associate Courses to the Rule
    • Click the + button to begin selecting courses to be associated with the exam type. The Associated Courses dialog will appear.
    • If desired, use the filter options on the left to narrow the list of courses. Click Search to update the list.
    • Place a check in the box next to any course you would like associated with this exam type.
  9. Click Save at the top of the exam type form to save your selections. This step must be completed before adding exam meetings.


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