2019 Astra Schedule Release Notes

Release 8.9  (9-26-2019)


Single Sign-On

  • Enhancements for our Single Sign On (SSO) SAML clients: Clients utilizing Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 can now enjoy the benefits of users being automatically created upon sign in.  Once a new user signs into Astra Schedule, an Astra Schedule user is created within the system.  The user is then assigned to a default SSO role.  An institution can modify the default SSO role or create a new role to be used.  More information can be found in the Single Sign-On article.



  • Scheduling Preferences type ahead is now functioning as expected.


  • Embedded calendars can be accessed when using SSO.


  • Recurring events can now be saved after deleting a meeting instance.
  • Event Types, Room Types, and Resource Categories can no longer be deleted when associated with data in the system.

Event Requests

  • Request forms can be accessed outside of SSO.


Release 8.8 (7-5-19)


Room Assignment Export to Ethos

  • Astra Schedule 8.8 includes integration with Ethos for Colleague clients. This is one-way. integration that will send room assignments made in Astra Schedule back to Ethos (Ethos will send back to Colleague). 
  • More information can be found in the Room Assignment Export to Ethos article.

Crystal Reports runtime has been updated

  • The latest runtime is compatible with reports created in Crystal Reports versions CR 2008, CR 2013, and CR 2016.

Crystal Report headers are updated with the latest Ad Astra logo

Highly requested Crystal reports have been added

  • Next 7 Days Events by Date and Time with Resources, Notes, and Pre-Post.
  • Rooms by Building with Do Not Optimize.
  • Rooms by Building with May Not Schedule.
  • Rooms for Selected Reporting Region(s).
  • Sections by Building and Room for Selected Term and Campus.
  • Sections by Subject for Selected Term and Campus.
  • Sections with Resources for Selected Date Range.
  • Today's Activities after 5 pm by Building and Room.
  • Tomorrow's Events by Date and Time with Resources, Notes, and Pre-Post.



  • Usage Controls do not appear for effective dated rooms on the Weekly Scheduling Grid.


  • GUID appears in the Contact field if fields are cleared and type-ahead is used on the create event form.
  • Unable to view custom user fields on the Event and Section form.
  • A meeting shell is created and prevents the ability to save on the Create Event form.
  • GUID appears as a selection when cascading filter from customer to customer contact on the Create Event form and Event Form.


  • Intermittent duplicate users created on the LDAP Configuration Form.


  • Room Type list not sorting alphabetically on the Room form.
  • Room hover does not work for users without the 'edit rooms' privilege on the Rooms list.
  • Drop-downs are not alphabetized when adding a new room on the Room form.
  • Users without 'Edit Rooms' permission are able to Manage Effective Dates for any rooms in their 'View Rooms' permission.
  • Type-ahead on Campus and Building does not work on the Room form.
  • Drop-down lists for Campus and Building appear editable on the Room form.


  • Able to edit Section Meeting Pattern without permission.

User Interface

  • Unable to save a user role on the User form.


Release 8.7 (3-28-19)


Support for Amazon Simple Email Service

  • Version 8.7 includes support for Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) as an email provider for all Ad Astra Cloud clients! This feature will allow emails to be sent from the application such as email notifications, event summaries, and report subscriptions on behalf of cloud clients. This enhancement will no longer require a VPN tunnel for your institution's email server or additional email configuration set up by your IT department.  Amazon SES is configured and managed by Ad Astra's Technical Support Team.



  • Default Calendar Filters Will Not Load for Guests When Users Navigate Between Calendars.
  • "Limit Choices to Saved Filters" Does not Work on the Scheduling Grid Definition form.
  • The monthly calendar display name is incorrect for certain months.
  • No calendars in the drop-down when a role has "All Calendars" selected from the Scheduling Grid.
  • There is a paging issue that displays the first page of data on the second page on the Scheduling Grid.
  • Paging always loads the first page on the Scheduling Grid.
  • Unable to view all events in the Scheduling Grid.
  • Events 3 years in the future not displaying on the Scheduling Grid.


  • Add Meeting should not require Meeting Type on the Event Form.
  • Unable to select Date or Time when creating events.

Event Request

  • Emails: Users would like Astra to send from one account to avoid spoofing.
  • When declining an Event, remove the room record from the event meeting details.
  • Declining an event request continues to hold the room assignment.
  • Cannot approve resources for events from the Environmental Services approver group.


  • Update colors for Delete and Approve radio buttons on the Notification List.


  • Smart Type-Ahead Functionality Not Present in Region Configuration.
  • Type-ahead does not work when adding rooms on the Region Form.

Room Optimization/Preferences

  • Scheduling Preferences: Regions not limited by Campus.
  • Scheduling Preferences: Course Title appears instead of Subject Course #.


  • The capacity filter does not update the capacity field with enrollment values of the section with a saved filter of null.


  • Cannot add certain resources to the permission 'Schedule Resources' on the role form.
  • User Permissions: View Calendar Permissions Not Holding for Specific Calendar Views.


  • Users intermittently signed out of production.

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