Momentum Year Report

Available starting with release 8.6.0, after Momentum Year Settings are configured and Student Progress Analysis is performed, the results may be viewed in the Momentum Year Report.

The Momentum Year Report provides visibility into the calculated momentum year progress data for the purpose of not only benchmarking how students performed in a previous year, but also for potential intervention to help get students back on track who are at risk for not making the desired progress.


To access the report, click the Momentum Year Report menu option on the Dashboards tab. (NOTE: Requires "View Momentum Year Reports" role permission)



On the Momentum Year Report page, use the drop-down menu to select a Start Term.



Upon selection, the Momentum Year Report will show students' progress against the configured momentum year goals from your selected start term. For example, if you selected your Fall 2017 term, the report includes students who started in Fall 2017 and summarizes progress made during their first year.

If you want to use this information for potential intervention, you'll want to run it after registration data is imported for the upcoming Spring term, and possibly again for Summer. The report reflects these registrations as completed courses and opens a window of opportunity to nudge students toward corrective action while changes may still be possible.



The chart at the top of the report represents the percentage of the students who started in the selected term who have completed any one, or all, of the momentum year goals.

The list below the chart shows the students who have not completed a selected momentum year goal. The list defaults to "Momentum Year Complete", meaning students that have not completed at least one of the four key goals. However, you may click on any one of the bars in the chart to show only students that have not completed one of the specific goals. For example, if you want to know which students did not complete their English gateway course, you would click on the English Gateway bar in the chart to update the list below.

The list of students in the lower grid can be exported to Excel by clicking on the Export button at the bottom of the page.

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