Calculating Term Weeks

The system will analyze the start and end dates for existing sections for the term, find the most common start and end dates, and determine the number of weeks in that range.

  1. Click the Academics tab.
  2. Select Terms.
  3. Open a term.
  4. Click the Analysis Term Settings tab at the top of the term form.
  5. In the Capacity Analysis section, click Calculate Dates.
  6. The system will determine the start and end dates and number of weeks in the term based on the section data as opposed to the term definition. It also creates a list of unique start and end dates and the count of their occurrences for validation purposes.  This can take a few moments.


  7. When the system is finished, you may make manual changes to the dates or number of weeks if desired. This may be desired to include exam week or to start the term on a full week if it officially started mid-week (to avoid having a partial week utilization).
  8. Click Save.

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