LDAP Groups

The Group mapping feature is used to map LDAP/Active Directory groups to Ad Astra roles. When a user is authenticated, their group membership information is used to determine appropriate permissions.

Adding LDAP Groups 

  1. Open the LDAP configuration page under the Settings tab.
  2. Click Add LDAP Group.


  3. Provide the LDAP administrator user name and password.
    The admin user specified here should have permission to search the entire LDAP or Active Directory structure or results may be inconsistent.
  4. Enter Fully Qualified Path for the search.
  5. Enter the name filter for the search.
  6. This field automatically adds wild cards for a partial name search.
  7. Click Find LDAP Group.
  8. A list of matching groups is returned.
  9. Select a group from the list.
  10. Click the Save LDAP Group
  11. A list of all Ad Astra roles is returned.
  12. Place a check in the boxes next to the role(s) to which the LDAP group should be mapped.


  13. Click Save to add the group-to-role association to the list.


  14. Repeat as needed.
  15. You may expand individual groups on the list page to review the association.

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