Administrative Permissions

Learn more about how to set up roles and best practices in the Roles Overview article.

Manage Import/Export Jobs

Allows a user to add and edit import/export jobs and parameters, and to delete jobs from the list.

Manage Users

Allows a user to add, edit, and delete application user records.

Manage Roles

Allows a user to add, edit, and delete security roles.

LDAP Authentication Settings

Allows a user to enable and configure the LDAP/Active Directory authentication settings.

Configure User Defined Fields

Allows a user to add, edit, and delete custom, user-defined fields for all record types.

View Application Log

Allows a user to view the system log files accessible from the Settings tab.

Manage Holidays & Announcements

Allows a user to add, edit, and delete holiday and announcement records.

Manage Institutions

Provides access to the System Settings page and allows a user to view, edit, or add a system setting, including color branding options.


NOTE: the user must also have the "View Application Log" permissions.

Manage Report Server

Allows a user to configure the report and email server settings.  In 8.7.0+, this is only configurable by Ad Astra.

Manage Approver Groups

Allows a user to add, edit, and delete the groups created to generate approval and notification messages.

Manage Homepage

Allows a user to configure the default homepage behavior for all application users.


NOTE: The user must also have the "Manage Institutions" permissions.

Invoicing User

This permission provides access to all invoicing features and enables both estimate and invoice creation permissions by default.

A user with this permission can view all invoicing-related configurations, options, features, and reports, (event invoices/estimates/credit memos, room/resource pricing info, customers pricing info) except for the invoicing setup screen.


Invoicing Administrator


 Grants user access to the invoicing setup and batch export options.

(requires Invoicing User)


Can Generate Estimates/Invoices in Astra Schedule



These permissions grant user access to the invoicing functions within Astra Schedule events for generating estimates and invoices.

If the permission is not included, an "Invoicing User" can still view estimates and invoices on events, but not generate new ones.

(requires Invoicing User)


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