Room Effective Dates

As rooms evolve, it may be desired to make changes to room attributes that take effect at a later date. The room may be scheduled in its current state for activities that take place up until a certain date, and then a new version of the room becomes effective for activities that take place thereafter. By creating effective dates for changes, the same room may be scheduled in multiple states simultaneously, based on the date of the activity.

By default, a room has an effective date range from the beginning of time to the end of time (database BOT/EOT values of 1/1/1753 - 12/31/9999). This is represented in the application as an effective start date of “Original” and effective end date of “Never”. Additional effective dates can be inserted in-between room change points. Once an effective date has been created, the version of the room the date represents can be selected for viewing and editing in the application. Any changes made specifically for an effective date are only effective beginning on that date. Finally, the default BOT and EOT values may be edited as well, allowing control over the earliest availability of the room and its expiration date.

If an expiration date is set, the room is in effect through the end of the date specified.

The room list page displays rooms in the state in which they are "today".  If you delete a room from the room list page, the entire room and any of its effective dates are deleted as well.  You must edit the room record to manage individual effective dates.

Create Effective Dates For Room Records

  1. Click on the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Rooms option.
  3. Find the room record you would like to edit and click on its room link.
  4. Click on the Manage Effective Dates
  5. Click on the calendar icon at the top of the Manage Effective Dates window.
  6. Use the calendar tool to find and select a date that is between the effective start and end dates for the room.
  7. When the selected date appears in the date field, click the Add The new effective date is inserted into the room’s effective range and is now available on the effective date drop-down menu at the top of the room form.
  8. Click Ok to save the new effective date. The room’s effective dates can be edited or deleted using the Manage EffectiveDates option

For partitioned rooms, effective dates must be managed only at the “parent” room level in the partition group. Rooms with effective dates are not available for selection as partitions, and effective date changes are not allowed on room partitions.


Room Numbers and Effective Dates

Each room record has a unique SISKey (ID).  The room number is part of the room record’s SISKey, along with the campus and building.  For example, the SISKey for room 100 in the Jones building on the Main campus would be Main_Jones_100. Using this SISKey we can accurately match up imported room assignments where only the campus, building, and room are provided.

When effective dated changes are made, the new, effective dated version of the room is still part of the original room.   There is only one SISKey value for the record, and it does not automatically change when an effective dated change is applied.  If the room number is changed as part of an effective dated update, the SISKey still retains the original record’s room number.  If you expect to be able to import room assignments using the new room number, you must also edit the room’s SISKey value to reflect the new number.  You cannot import room assignments using both versions of the room number.


Scenario:  Jones 100 on the Main campus (Main_Jones_100) becomes Jones 100A as of a certain date.

If this room is only manually scheduled for activities in Astra Schedule, the SISKey is not relevant for imports, and effective dated scheduling capability works as usual.

If activities must be imported into Astra Schedule with the new version of the room pre-assigned, then the SISKey value for the room in question MUST be edited to reflect the new room number.  The old room number will no longer be supported for imported assignments.

If activities must be imported into Astra Schedule with both the old and new room number assigned (depending on when the activity is occurring), then a new room MUST be created to represent the new room number.  Effective dating does not accommodate this scenario. 

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